Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas is almost here

The end of the year is drawing closer, Christmas is almost here, the Open house was very successful for all of us that exhibited! (very happy about it), so now I can concentrate in organising the last bits of the festivities properly, so far, most of the presents are wrapped, many already delivered and Christmas lunch has been ordered...a tonne of cards are still waiting, but hey! I can do so much in the time I have :).

Children break up tomorrow (woohoo!), so a bit of a break also for us, hopefully the plans remain unchanged, I mean lots of lie ins and lots of time drawing.

For now I'll just say, have a very happy Christmas and a New year filled with success, health, love, happiness and unexpected blessings ( life surprises are the best!).

Much love to you all xxx

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Artists' Open House

One more time our Artists house is open to the public this Christmas, we had our opening on Friday 29th of November, and I have to say it was a very successful weekend!.

We are open this weekend (6th &7th/12) and the next, from 11 to 5, if you happen to be in Hove, come and visit Bluebell Would, 45 Westbourne Gardens, you'll be nicely surprised to see all the range of arts and crafts we have, as someone said last weekend "This house is like Aladin's cave, full of beautiful and treasurable things"  :).

Sneak peek...


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